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Natural nutritional supplements

What are nutritional supplements ?

“Nutritional supplements are nutritional products its purpose is to complete a normal balanced diet and is a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances that has only a nutritional value or a physiological one or both, marketed in dose form.”

 What is a nutrient ?

By mentioning nutrients it is important to specify what this word covers to understand the functions of natural nutritional supplements.

Nutrients are made of the set of organic components and minerals that are important to the construction and the functioning of the body. The process of nutrients absorption is nutrition. 

There are two types of nutrients:

-       Energetic nutrients “macronutrients” ;

-       Non energetic nutrients “ micronutrients” , and they are present in small quantities in our diets. They are vital to our body’s performance, but it can’t create it.

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    Alkalizing which participates in a good muscular function Provides magnesium and potassium in the form of citrate. The magnesium participates in : - giving energy - balancing electrolytics  - a normal...
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    Natural vitamin A maintains normal skin and good immunity. Beta carotene is extracted from the pink algae "Dandliella Salina" which grows on the surface of salt lakes. This algae is a precursor of vitamin A.  Vitamin A...
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    Revivable brewer's yeast helps to maintain normal skin. Live brewer's yeast. Ideal supplement to any diet.  Contains low-temperature compressed top-fermenting brewer's yeast.
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    Participates in naturally regaining energy  This nutritional supplements helps the body when it is  overwhelmed. It promotes natural production of of neurotransmitters that affect motivation and focus. L-tyrosine contributes in...
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    Catalase is an anti-aging enzyme! Catalase from LEPIVITS provides enzymes whose decline is associated with cells aging in our body. Catalase contributes to: fighting against the oxidation of...
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    Encourages the digestive barrier’s restitution ! This nutritional supplement helps the body to regenerate the inflamed intestinal barrier. Zinc contributes in :...
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    Vitamin K2 has an effect on bone structure, blood clotting and cardiovascular disorders[1-2]. A D3 + K2 vegetarian capsule provides maximum nutritional intake of vitamins D and K. Vitamin K2 helps with : normal blood coagulation normal bone...
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    Devil's claw contributes to joint comfort. Harpagophytum procumbens contains a multitude of active substances (vitamin C, minerals). Its properties come from its richness in harpagosides. Harpagophytum helps to : maintain the proper...
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    CoQ10 ensures a good cellular metabolism. Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant that occurs naturally in our body. The synthesis of Q10 decreases with age. The natural coenzyme Q10 contributes to :...
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    Collappin encourages connective tissues’ proper development (skin -tendons - joints - bones)  Collagen and hyaluronic acid promotes skin hydration [1-2]. This synergy limits...
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    Helps to fight against cellular oxidative stress. Antioxyppin is a dietary supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, alpha-lipoic acid, combined with other antioxidants working in synergy. These powerful micronutrients keep cells healthy. Provides the body...
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Nutrients are made of the set of organic components and minerals that are important to the construction and the functioning of the body. The process of nutrients absorption is nutrition. 

There are two types of nutrients:

-       Energetic nutrients “macronutrients” ;

-       Non energetic nutrients “ micronutrients” , and they are present in small quantities in our diets. They are vital to our body’s performance, but it can’t create it.

Energy providing nutrients 

These are the building blocks of the body: 

-       proteins that help build body cells; 

-        lipids, which provide cells with energy, but also essential fatty acids (such as omega 3 and omega6) and fat soluble vitamins; 

-       simple or complex carbohydrates which are the main source of energy for the body; 

Non-energy nutrients 

They are the regulators of metabolism such as : 

-       fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K);

-       water-soluble vitamins such as vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12; 

-        mineral salts also called macroelements, necessary in large quantities for the proper functioning of the body. These are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium which are normally supplied to the body in sufficient quantities with a balanced diet;  

-       trace elements necessary for the body in smaller quantities. These are iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, etc. 

-       the essential amino acids that make up our proteins (nutrients); 

-       the essential fatty acids that make up our lipids (nutrients);  

-       polyphenols with antioxidant properties; 

-       probiotics and prebiotics, bacteria essential for the balance of our microbiota.

Why we need nutritional supplements ?

Ideally a balanced diet meets the needs of the body, but the agrifood industry now offers nutrients that have lost their original nutritional quality

-       refined products depleted in vitamins and minerals such as white bread, white rice, sugar;  

-       fruits and vegetables produced in intensive agriculture with the help of pesticides picked when barely ripe and poor in vitamins and trace elements; 

-       dishes prepared with preservatives, colorings, preservatives; 

-       fish rich in… heavy metals; 

-       the media and advertising push us to consume many foods that can increase deficiencies in certain micronutrients. Example: Excessive coffee consumption increases the elimination of calcium and magnesium and blocks the absorption of B vitamins. 

This modern diet no longer provides us with essential resources and other environmental factors worsen our micronutrient status: 

-       the stress ; 

-        Pollution ; 

-       overconsumption of drugs such as aspirin, which hinders the absorption of vitamin C and increases its urinary excretion;

The food supplements used in nutritherapy aim to restore the physiological balance of the body by analyzing and correcting these deficiencies. The properties of the different optimized supplement formulas that we have developed are detailed in each description of our E-Shop. Our entire range of food supplements is free from nanoparticles.


How to include nutritional supplements in our diet ?

Prioritize daily intake of basic food supplements (magnesium, vitamin D, etc.) while being careful  about interactions.
If your healthcare professional has recommended a specific food supplement (turmeric, co-enzyme Q10, etc.), it is usually to meet a given situation and for a specific need.
However, to fully 
take advantage from the effects of this supplementation, it is important to keep an eye on the food associations which will be sometimes favorable, sometimes inhibitory.
For example, some so-called fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed by the body when they are accompanied by fat.
You will therefore better enjoy the benefits of vitamins A, D or E by ingesting them during or at the end of a meal containing fat.

Another example with dietary supplements containing minerals or trace elements:

 It is best to consume them away from foods rich in fiber such as wholemeal bread which can inhibit the absorption of zinc. While vitamin C promotes iron absorption, drinking green tea will block its absorption.

To avoid interactions, it is also not recommended to take different nutritional supplements or drugs at the same time without the advice of a specialist.

In certain cases a cure

Certain food supplements or specific complexes can be taken as a cure for: 

-        strengthen the immune system at the change of season; 

-       limit hair loss in autumn; 

-        increase your protection against UVB rays with an antioxidant treatment, etc.


Year-round for some micronutrients per needs

For vitamin D 

In winter, nearly 80% of the population does not reach the adequate threshold for vitamin D. 

For magnesium 

 According to the SUVIMAX study, nearly 1 in 5 men and almost 1 in 4 women have magnesium intakes less than  of the recommended nutritional intake. 


These deficiencies are all the more difficult to correct as the magnesium contained in food can only be assimilated by the body up to 30 to 50%.


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