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Specific complex

A combination of micronutrients

These specific complexes are composed of nutritional factors that may include several micronutrients from the Leppin product categories (vitaminsplant extractsamino acids, etc.).

Other important micronutrients!

Some of the following selected food supplements are not classifiable (e.g. catalysts), but still participate in the physiological functions of the body and/or act as a structural element.

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  • 35,50 € In Stock
    The natural CoQ10 ensures good cellular metabolism. Coenzyme Q10 is a lipid that 
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    Helps to fight against anxiety. Specific complex based on St. John's wort, horehound and essential vitamins and minerals. This specific complex contains : - St. John's wort extract - Extract of ballota...
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  • 22,90 € In Stock
    Superoxide dismutase helps fight against cellular oxidation Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that has been studied for oral absorption. It is mainly found in the dermis and epidermis of the skin. The SOD participates in :...
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  • 17,90 € In Stock
    Nutritional supplement that contributes to healthy hair This new compound that is based on vitamins, minerals and horsetail silica and cysteine is ideal to maintain nails and hair in good health. 
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  • 12,30 € In Stock
    Participates in naturally regaining energy  This nutritional supplements helps the body when it is  overwhelmed. It promotes natural production of of neurotransmitters that affect motivation and focus. L-tyrosine contributes in...
    12,30 €
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  • 30,00 € In Stock
    Catalase is an anti-aging enzyme! Catalase from LEPIVITS provides enzymes whose decline is associated with cells aging in our body. Catalase contributes to: fighting against the oxidation of...
    30,00 €
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  • 34,50 € In Stock
    Encourages the digestive barrier’s restitution ! This nutritional supplement helps the body to regenerate the inflamed intestinal barrier. Zinc contributes in :...
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  • 22,00 € In Stock
    CoQ10 ensures a good cellular metabolism. Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant that occurs naturally in our body. The synthesis of Q10 decreases with age. The natural coenzyme Q10 contributes to :...
    22,00 €
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  • 20,40 € In Stock
    Collappin encourages connective tissues’ proper development (skin -tendons - joints - bones)  Collagen and hyaluronic acid promotes skin hydration [1-2]. This synergy limits...
    20,40 €
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  • 25,50 € In Stock
    Helps the immune system to function properly. This food supplement increases the body's resistance to bacterial or viral infection. Vitamin C contributes to...
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  • 48,90 € In Stock
    A supplement that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. This dietary supplement combines a synergy of micronutrients including Veri-teTM* trans-resveratrol which has been shown to have a positive...
    48,90 €
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