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Do you feel under the weather during winter ? Do you feel as tired when you wake up as when you’re going to sleep ? Is your digestive system torturing ?  The daily hassles are keeping you from focusing on your priorities. This fluctuating energy is caused by the conditions that your immune system and your body. The solution ? A new nutritional lifestyle combined with a suitable health cure.

Why take a health cure ?

It is not uncommon for deficiencies to set in, especially due to the change of seasons, and your metabolism needs fuel to function properly. Fortunately, you have the power to give it a hand, working on your daily and complementary nutrients. Our health cure for immunity, for example, encourages your compliance accordingly to your needs, especially during this covid-19 infested period.

Evidently, you’re not forced to start a cure or to take nutritional supplements, because almost everything you need is available in the natural ingredients of your diet: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, medicinal plants...

However, sometimes we need help, a faster or more effective effect. Some are vegetarians, others are lactose intolerant. Nutritional supplements, as part of a health cure, stimulate your vitality without affecting your food preferences.

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What does a health cure consist of ? 

Nutritional supplements can be taken individually when targeting a local and short-term problem or symptom: nausea, cystitis, fatigue ... 

But when the disorder is chronic, repetitive or persistent, it may be appropriate to combine the beneficial effects of the complementary nutritional supplements.

Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fatty acids and antioxidants are all complementary nutrients that constitute health cures. Each has their own role to play and are involved in the entire body, from muscles to the brain, joints, digestion, the immune system and even the heart. Depending on the disorder, each treatment is made of adequate nutritional supplements and is suitable for a specific target: men, women, children, the elderly, etc. 


How long does it takes for the cure to be effective ?

Depending on the circumstances, the disorder and of course the patient: age, sexe, morphology, weight...

In general, a treatment could extend for several months, but should not exceed 3 consecutive months. It is often recommended to take a 10-day break every 3 weeks of treatment, but you can go up to 2 or 3 months after a 3-month treatment, then start a new treatment afterwards. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor or therapist.

The most important thing in dietary cures is to remain as regular as possible to enhance efficiency: times of intake, number of days of intake and number of days off. Of course, you have to stay in tune with your body and to stop the treatment in case of side effects such as nausea, headaches, digestive problems or changes in mood. If you have any doubts, contact your doctor, who will be able to advise you.

Which cure for what problem ?


It might seem strange to think that there are nutritional supplements to boost children’s strength. Nonetheless, some health professionals are not reluctant about it, when the supplements are well chosen and well measured, organic, no chemical additives nor artificially sweetened. Children are in need of iron, calcium and vitamins for a proper growth, to reinforce their immune system and stimulate their memory. It exists 3 approved of supplements that are intended for children:

-       Vitamin D prevents deficiencies and enhances calcium binding to the bones;

-       Fluoride is a trace element that binds to teeth enamel, for children over six months;

-       Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting in breastfed babies.


To fight the lack of energy while at work, dealing with children, stress and sports, the adult body needs a vitamins cure.

-       Vitamin D balances serotonin that beats bad mood;

-       Vitamin B transforms tryptophan into serotonin then to melatonin to help fall asleep but also to hair and nails resistance.

-       Vitamin C stimulate the immune system and eases calcium and iron intake. It’s an antioxidant that fights cold and bronchitis during winter;

The elderly 

After the age of 65, the immune system has no longer the need of an enhanced intake of vitamins and minerals because medication prescribed for the elderly has a tendency to have a heavy intake of nutrients. Here are the 5 nutritional supplements that are recommended for elderly cures:

-       Calcium prevents bone damage especially for menopausal women, who are no longer have osteoporosis. By taking vitamin D, the risks of fractures or the fall of the neck of femur decreases;

-       Zinc enhances the neurotransmitters’ movement in the brain, to prevent depression and reduces the body’s inflammations that cause arthritis;

-       Magnesium helps to regulate glycemic rate which is beneficial for type 2 diabetes;

-       Vitamin B12 maintain nervous and blood cells, which also prevents memory loss and anemia;

-       Fatty acids maintain the heart and the brain and reduces ocular dryness. Sufficient Omega 3 rate to fight difficulties with the memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

If nutritional cures are helpful to treat persistent daily disorders, it doesn’t replace in any way a healthy and balanced diet. At lepivits we are committed to protect your health and enhance your well-being. Soon we will be offering you a detox as well, for athletes and to cure articulation.

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