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Circulation & Heart

How can we maintain a healthy heart and blood circulation?

The transport of blood and oxygen to all the organs of our body is done thanks to a muscular pump, the heart, and a network of conduits: the arteries. Poor cardiovascular health leads to poor blood flow to the organs, including the brain, and results in reduced physical and intellectual performance.

What are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease

- Smoking narrows the arteries.

- High cholesterol levels. Bad' cholesterol (LDL) sticks to the walls of the blood vessels, preventing blood from flowing freely to the heart.

- High blood pressure.

- A sedentary lifestyle. Regular physical activity can be effective in to prevent and limit the effects of cardiovascular disorders.

Ask your doctor for advice on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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    Contributes to good arterial elasticity Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and plays an important role in the elasticity of the arteries. Supplies the body with :...
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    The benefits of cod liver oil on the well-being and on the growth of a child This oil is balanced in natural vitamins A and D. It also contains omega-3 certified without heavy metals or other harmful substances. Vitamin A helps to...
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    Contributes to normal heart function Garlic, mistletoe and hawthorn are available as oily macerates. Provides the body with : contains garlic and hawthorn, which...
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    Omega 3 - Epa Dha 1000mg participate in the normal functioning of the brain and the heart. Fish oil containing anchovy, certified without harmful substances (PCB, mercury, dioxin, pesticides). Provides a contribution in polyunsaturated fatty acids of which omega 3 concentrated.
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    Vitamin K2 has an effect on bone structure, blood clotting and cardiovascular disorders[1-2]. A D3 + K2 vegetarian capsule provides maximum nutritional intake of vitamins D and K. Vitamin K2 helps with : normal blood coagulation normal bone...
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    Natural flaxseed oil powder optimizes the assimilation of vitamin D Vit D3 Max provides a maximum intake of bioavailable vitamin D (3000IU)[1]. Pointers : - Vitamin D is involved in the assimilation and fixation of calcium...
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    L’arginine est  précurseur de monoxyde d'azote et joue un rôle important dans l'élasticité artérielle.
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