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Feeling bloated in the hips or thighs? Eliminate excess water!

Energy metabolism is accompanied by the formation of waste and excess water that must be eliminated, otherwise the body tends to clog up and create water retention.

Can micronutrition help drain your body?

The use of certain food supplements containing draining active ingredients such as dandelion or black

radish, as well as other detoxifying active ingredients such as artichoke or ortosiphon, will allow

you to drain your liver and kidneys in order to eliminate excess water.

The benefits of a detox cure are also reflected on your skin and your general mood.

A detox cure should be followed with a moderate caloric intake.

An efficient drainage allows the whole body to be "cleaned" of toxins

accumulated in the body.

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    Contributes to a good liver function LEPIVITS Soy Lecithin is certified GMO and preservative free. This food supplement is rich in choline and inositol.  Choline contributes to :  a normal lipid metabolism maintenance of normal...
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    Innovative formula of bioavailable lactic ferments! Food supplement based on 10 strains of lactic ferments, non-irritating prebiotics (baobab pulp) and zinc citrate*. This food supplement helps to :...
    43,50 €
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  • 17,51 € 20,60 € -15% En stock
    Alkalizing which participates in a good muscular function Provides magnesium and potassium in the form of citrate. The magnesium participates in : - giving energy - balancing electrolytics  - a normal...
    17,51 € 20,60 € -15%
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    L’arginine est  précurseur de monoxyde d'azote et joue un rôle important dans l'élasticité artérielle.
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  • 8,00 € Out of stock
    Organic Blond Psyllium fibers in powder for a good intestinal functioning The psyllium is rich in fibres which support the good functioning of the intestinal transit. Contains : - Teguments/fibers of organic psyllium blond (Ispaghul...
    8,00 €

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  • 18,40 € En stock
    Helps detoxing the liver Détoxivits participates in stages I and II of detoxification and activates stage III through 3 multiple toxins elimination processes.
    18,40 €
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