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Would you like to lose weight by burning more calories?

The sugars and fats in our diet are sources of energy for our body. However, their intake must be controlled!

Weight gain can be explained by genetics, overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, but also by endocrine disorders, psychological problems or even by taking medication. All of these factors make it particularly difficult to manage weight loss over the long term.

Overcome weight gain with micronutrients!

There are solutions. Among them, fat burners such as bladderwrack or green tea promote lipolysis, i.e. the reduction of fat reserves in the adipocytes generated by an excessively rich food intake or in the event of excessive sedentary behaviour.

In addition, it is important to drain your body in order to eliminate the formation of waste, excess water and thus avoid its clogging. Therefore, certain draining, detoxifying and disinfiltrating active ingredients (ortosiphon, dandelion) will have a positive effect on the body's well-being.

This drainage also has an effect on other physiological aspects of the body (skin, mood). Finally, in contrast to strict diets based on food bans it is essential to have a positive approach to the "slimming diet" by favouring physical activity as much as possible. physical activity.

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    Helps control weight Formula based on natural plant extracts. This product helps to control weight. Provides the body with : dry green tea extract dried ortosiphon extract dry dandelion extract...
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    Natural iodine supply against hypothyroidism. Fucus is a dried seaweed rich in iodine and other...
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  • 48,90 € In Stock
    A supplement that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. This dietary supplement combines a synergy of micronutrients including Veri-teTM* trans-resveratrol which has been shown to have a positive...
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    L’arginine est  précurseur de monoxyde d'azote et joue un rôle important dans l'élasticité artérielle.
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  • 22,50 € In Stock
    Contributes to the maintenance of good health.  Balanced formula with essential vitamins and minerals for men and women. The addition of natural flavonoids and carotenoids reinforces the good cellular functioning.
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    Organic Blond Psyllium fibers in powder for a good intestinal functioning The psyllium is rich in fibres which support the good functioning of the intestinal transit. Contains : - Teguments/fibers of organic psyllium blond (Ispaghul...
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  • 24,50 € En stock
    Magnesium supplement bioavailable Are you stressed out, tired, overworked? Think about the Magnevits magnesium supplement. This nutritional supplement is highly dosed in...
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  • 10,80 € 12,70 € -15% En stock
       Correct your zinc deficiency Provides bioavailable zinc citrate in combination with active vitamin B6 and cysteine to promote intestinal zinc absorption. This product is ideal for vegetarians. Zinc forte contributes to : normal DNA synthesis normal...
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  • 17,45 € En stock
    Organic spirulina is rich in proteins  Spirulina arthrospirus platensis has been existing exactly how it currently is for billions of years. It has been named after its spiral form, it belong to the...
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    Helps detoxing the liver Détoxivits participates in stages I and II of detoxification and activates stage III through 3 multiple toxins elimination processes.
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