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Tonus & Vitality & Sport

Lack of energy, fatigue, heavy physical exertion? Give your daily life a boost

 Fatigue and lack of vitality must first be diagnosed in order to treat the problem at source.

The first potential cause is sleep. "Insomnia, sleep disorders,... It's no wonder, sleeping badly makes you tired! Secondly, stress can play an important role and affect your physical and intellectual condition.

Finally, add to this a few dietary deficiencies and you're in for a real tonic downturn, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. When the body can't keep up, you have to adapt and find natural solutions!

Try our natural solutions!

Taking certain tonics such as vitamin C and ginseng will support the body in the event of a loss of energy.

Magnesium is also involved in energy production, hence the frequent occurrence of a deficiency in athletes.

Your therapist may advise you to take other multivitamin and mineral cures can be recommended by your therapist.

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    Contributes to good arterial elasticity Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and plays an important role in the elasticity of the arteries. Supplies the body with :...
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  • 10,00 € In stock
    Strengthen your immune defenses in case of temporary tiredness with the benefits of vitamin...
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  • 17,51 € 20,60 € -15% En stock
    Alkalizing which participates in a good muscular function Provides magnesium and potassium in the form of citrate. The magnesium participates in : - giving energy - balancing electrolytics  - a normal...
    17,51 € 20,60 € -15%
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  • 18,70 € En stock
    Magnesium malate enhances the nervous system’s functions  Magnesium malate bio-available intake. This product is a mix of D-Malate (60%) and L-Malate (40%).  It has an excellent digestive...
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  • 35,50 € In Stock
    The natural CoQ10 ensures good cellular metabolism. Coenzyme Q10 is a lipid that 
    35,50 €
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  • 12,30 € In Stock
    Participates in naturally regaining energy  This nutritional supplements helps the body when it is  overwhelmed. It promotes natural production of of neurotransmitters that affect motivation and focus. L-tyrosine contributes in...
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  • 22,00 € In Stock
    CoQ10 ensures a good cellular metabolism. Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant that occurs naturally in our body. The synthesis of Q10 decreases with age. The natural coenzyme Q10 contributes to :...
    22,00 €
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  • 36,70 € In Stock
    Helps to fight against cellular oxidative stress. Antioxyppin is a dietary supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, alpha-lipoic acid, combined with other antioxidants working in synergy. These powerful micronutrients keep cells healthy. Provides the body...
    36,70 €
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  • 25,50 € In Stock
    Helps the immune system to function properly. This food supplement increases the body's resistance to bacterial or viral infection. Vitamin C contributes to...
    25,50 €
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  • 10,00 € In Stock
    Natural flaxseed oil powder optimizes the assimilation of vitamin D Vit D3 Max provides a maximum intake of bioavailable vitamin D (3000IU)[1]. Pointers : - Vitamin D is involved in the assimilation and fixation of calcium...
    10,00 €
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  • 10,80 € 12,70 € -15% En stock
       Correct your zinc deficiency Provides bioavailable zinc citrate in combination with active vitamin B6 and cysteine to promote intestinal zinc absorption. This product is ideal for vegetarians. Zinc forte contributes to : normal DNA synthesis normal...
    10,80 € 12,70 € -15%
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