Become a LEPIVITS distributor products ?

Do you own a pharmacy, a dietetic / organic store, or are you a health specialist?

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We support ASBL who are active advocates of nutrition.

Nutritional supplements "components of natural origin" have been studied and made to prevent deficiencies in certain elements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids):

-The "deficiencies" unbalance the metabolism and the organic functions.

-A balanced diet is recommended to stay healthy.

-Health capital can be boosted through micro-nutrition.

Our LEPIVITS range of nutritional supplements is available to everyone.

What kind of partnerships are possible with us ?

  • LEPIVITS Reseller: you offer our LEPIVITS range at your store.
  • LEPIVITS Partner: you present your customers exclusive offers on our products.Lepivits laboratory logo

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