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Lepi Belgium® Vits is a Belgian family business welded for over twenty years in health natural medicin. Our laboratory specializing in nutrition therapy works with a multidisciplinary medical team of doctors and therapists focused on innovation and research in micronutrition.

"Since the beginning of our history, we work with the active ingredients of pharmaceutical quality at reasonable prices. We believe that our supplements must be accessible to everyone. Therefore our company minimizes the budget allocated to product packaging and focuses on its content. We also make sure that our nutritional supplements are sustainable and follows ethical and social values of production. "

N.Goffart Manager Lepi Vits Belgium® & CEO Phyt-Equilibre


Our quality charter

With the help of our health experts, we gathered more bioavailable micronutrients in order to provide nutritional supplements containing the recommended daily intake and adapted to adults, adolescents, and children. Our nutritional supplements come in different dosage forms (tablets, capsules and gels) and are produced according to GMP & HACCP standards criteria (ISO 13485, 22000) and then manufactured in recyclable plastics pots. We have regular checks on our food supplements to ensure a quality product containing no trace of GMO, heavy metals or preservatives.

The laboratory Lepi Vits points to nutritherapeutiques quality supplements "sustainable" certified by the federal agency for the security of the Belgian Food Chain (AFSCA) to be authorized for sale on the international market.

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