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Organic spirulina is rich in proteins 

Spirulina arthrospirus platensis has been existing exactly how it currently is for billions of years. It has been named after its spiral form, it belong to the cyanobacteria and the blue-green micro-algues family.

Spirulina 600 is rich in proteins (60%) and phycocyanin (12%).

spirulina platensis helps with :

- weight control

- Improves tonicity and gives energy.

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Weight control - Tonus & Vitality

LEPIVITS proposes a spirulina from organic farming in clean capsules. Each pulullan capsule provides 600mg of concentrated spirulina powder obtained from whole algae. This unicellular alga named "Spirulina platensis" contains 60% of proteins and 12% of phycocyanine (green pigment - antioxidant). The algae also contains carotenoids (>2mg/g) including beta-carotene and chlorophyll (15mg/g).

Aside the fact that it is very beneficial for athletes and people who are overweight, it even promotes the proper functioning of the immune system through its modulating action on white blood cells.

Through a study conducted in Japan [1], researchers found that taking spirulina led to an optimization of the action of NK lymphocytes, cells involved in innate immunity in more than 50% of participants. Other studies have observed anti-allergic effects of spirulina in humans: people suffering from allergic rhinitis received a supplementation of 1 to 2g of spirulina or a placebo for 12 weeks [2]. Before and after the treatment, white blood cells (lymphocytes and monocytes) were taken from their blood, and the levels of messengers produced, interleukin 2 and 4 and interferon γ, involved in allergic reactions, decreased.

Another study showed a 32% reduction in IL-4 production during supplementation (2g), indicating a beneficial effect of spirulina against allergic rhinitis[3]. Benefits confirmed by a second study, which showed a reduction in the typical symptoms of this condition (runny and itchy nose, nasal congestion and sneezing). Finally, spirulina also has beneficial effects on blood lipid profiles[4] (triglycerides, LDL, etc.) and on blood sugar levels[5].

Nutritional information spirulina 600mg

SPIRULINA Powder (unicellular algae) Rich in proteins (60%)       1800mg


[1] Hirahashi T et al. "Activation of the human innate immune system by spirulina: enhancement of interferon production and NK cytotoxicity by oral administration of Spirulina platensis hot water extract". Int Immunopharmacol. 2002 Mar; 2 (4): 423-34 ;

[2] Yang HN et al. "Spirulina platensis inhibits anaphylactic reaction". Life Sci. 1997: 61 (13): 1237-44

[3] Mao TK et al. "Effects of a spirulina-based dietary supplement on cytokine production in patients with allergic rhinitis". J Med Food. Spring 2005; 8 (1): 27-30.

[4] Mazokopakis EE et al. The hypolipidemic effects of spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) supplementation in a Cretan population: a prospective study. J Sci Food Agric. 2014 Feb; 94 (3): 432-7.

[5] Haohai Huang et al. Quantification of the effects of spirulina supplementation on plasma lipid and glucose concentrations, body weight and blood pressure. Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes. 2018; 11: 729-742.

90 pills
Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis) BIO, pill’s cover : pullulan.
Main indication
Specific indication
3 pills a day with a glass of water during meals.
Nutritional supplement do not substitute a healthy, balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. This is not medication. Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are simultaneously taking Medication. Do not use if you’re pregnant and not for children. Keep out from children. Store in a room temperature dry place. Do not exceed the indicated dosage.
Notification number
PL 3760/48
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